Sometimes it‘s hard to get excited about power electronics …

but once you start thinking about the effect these small semiconductors have on the bigger picture, it‘s hard not to. But why not get excited? Why not dream big? Because to build that green future, we've got the power.

We're #poweringgreen
Our ingenious family of IGBT power modules help wind turbines generate more energy for longer than ever.
Gone with the
wind to powered 
by the wind
Making wind energy last
Wind energy plays a key role in the energy transition, but their often remote locations make maintenance more challenging. Our robust power semiconductors are not only efficient, they also last decades - that's decades of efficient, clean wind energy generation.
Sun burn
to sun earn
Making solar energy accessible
Solar energy is one of the most versatile ways to generate clean energy. Our power semiconductors make these systems more accessible by reducing the size of their inverters. That means we can produce more clean energy - even in unexpected places.
Time wasting
to time saving
Making EV charging a breeze
Charging an EV should be as convenient as fueling up. When our power semiconductors make chargers more efficient, we can slash charging times. This means EV drivers can get back on the road - and back to their lives - more quickly than ever.
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